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Stilling the Mind: Exercises for Relaxation and Sitting

In a 2-part CD produced by Heather Morton learn how to relax and be guided in a sitting practice. This is not another program for inner peace, but a way to still the mind. Cover photo by Heather of the Thar Desert, India. A dual CD with an illustrated practice insert.

Features of CD 1 & 2:
* simple exercises
* breathing techniques
* how to meditate
* guided practice

Sound: db Audio
Background Music: Prosad
Released: November 2010
Language: English
Run Time: 60 min.




CD Reviews

"Very meditative throughout the story on the CD. Really draws one in."
Catherine McKernan, Director of Education, York University, Toronto

"Thank you for the wonderful CD. I really felt great just listening to it and I am looking forward to practicing it regularly. You are truly a gifted teacher."
Arun Joseph, Lexington, USA

"Working in a very stressful environment, I have forgotten the breath, and for the first time in a very long time I have found it again."
Berni Russo, CBC Editor, Toronto
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