Reviews from real people and Heather's teacher:

  For the past ten years, Heather has been visiting AtmaVikasa regularly. I have always taught her that backbending is a tool of Mind control and self expansion. The advanced asanas that are demonstrated in this DVD and the flexibility of her body are the results of her hard work and continuous evaluation.
  Yogacharya V. Venkatesha
Director of AtmaVikasa
Centre of Yogic Sciences, Mysore, S. India
  This back-bending practice is truly amazing! I've been doing it for a month now almost daily as supplement to my Ashtanga practice and I have to admit that in this month I've learned more about my back than in 5 years of my Ashtanga practice.
  I've always had troubles with back-bending, because of my acute scoliosis and fear of pain as a result. It's not that it's gone, but I feel much more confident doing back-bends now then ever before, partly because of the technique, but mostly because of better understanding what's good and what's bad for my back. Thank you very much for that!
  Andrey Tourko, Denmark
  I like the video you made! The back dropping I feel has already been improved just by watching. I feel as well that I have advanced so much since buying this DVD. You have been so much in my journey. Thanks so much!
  Bryan Russo, USA
  I have been practising Ashtanga yoga since 2006. I work full time and became a mother - this routine is now my daily practice for a while. Though I practice Ashtanga Yoga still, I feel I like to focus on strething my front, backbending, and I "met" your DVD. Many many many thanks to you.
  Mikki Utsami, Japan
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