An instructional DVD (not an info-commerical or performance piece). Designed to teach the techniques and methods of backbending. Dedicated to my teacher Yogacharya Venkatehsa of Mysore, South India.  

There are 4 aspects to the DVD:

1) General
  The primary elements of the back is the bedrock of backbending. Called the Freedom of the Body, this practice opens and releases the spine as well as increases energy and well-being. Unlike what the name suggests, the practice moves the body not just backward, but sideways and forward with the breath as the vital source. Derived from Heather Morton's study under Yogacharya V. Venkatesha, a self taught Yoga Master, learn the fundamentals of breathing, focus points, the sun salutations and backbends unique to the practice.
  Backbends are some of the most challenging postures of yoga. They challenge our assumptions about flexibility and bring up many emotions. A lot of fear, tension and stress lie in the body and within the mind. Backbends are the gateway to cleansing the physical body and mind as well as toward greater flexibility, strength, balance and energy. Moreover, backbends challenge us to develop patience and the wiliness to try. With straightforward instructions, Heather presents a practice that will inspire you to learn.
2) Features
  The Foundation: Complete breath, neutral pose, sun salutations.
Standing Backbends: Theme of backbends, waist-bend pose and variations.
Backbends on the ground: Cobra and variations, locust, vinyasa, bridge and wheel.
Closing Sequence: Forward, bend, Spinal twist and side angle pose.
Practice Tips
3) Intention
  Backbending is a specific practice designed to release the muscles of the back and free the spine. The practice moves at a slow and gradual pace. Postures are held for extended duration while providing detailed instructions to the viewer. The intention is to develop an understanding of the pose within your physical body, enhance flexibly and stamina as well as mind control. This practice if not about "getting it" as it is about moving consciously and appreciating the practice as an evolution.
4) Sanskrit
  The Sanskrit names of the postures (asanas) and chants are used in the practice. Sanskrit is an ancient language of Northern India. It means the well-perfected language in the written word. On the level of vibration it is perfect and understood to be the mother of all languages. Using Sanskrit ignites intuition and stills the literal mind. It helps promote healing through the body and mind.
  Note: This DVD is best used as a study resource to either start your practice or enhance an existing one. It is not meant to stand alone. Practice is best learned under a yoga teacher.
  Approx. Length: 62 minutes
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